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Why Profis CMS?

Profis CMS (Content Management System) – is an open source tool for website information management.
It is really very easy to use.
Software is based on Ext JS (Sencha) and supports all types of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, …).


Totally simple and free

Profis CMS is a free (with no hidden fees) user-friendly tool for web-developers to create and manage web-sites and their content.

Drag and drop everywhere

Easy to place any kind of information, to manage tree of the site and change various properties. Photos and items can be freely dragged and dropped anywhere.

A wide choice of functions

Functional Tools menu allows to implement a wide range of ideas, the system contains easy to use Google Maps and Youtube functions.

Optimized for SEO

Automatically generated URLs and the ability to enter page titles, descriptions, keywords, titles of links and images facilitate search in search engines.

Multi-site, multi-language

CMS panel with multiple language support. The number of site languages is not limited, information and menu structure in several languages may be different.

All browsers support

The ability to manage websites from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and any browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.